Galway Cat Rescue

Galway Cat Rescue is an all-volunteer group of animal lovers. We are committed to helping homeless cats in Galway and dedicated to give every cat a chance to live a safe, healthy and happy life. We established Galway Cat Rescue in August 2010, because we were frustrated that not enough was being done to help feral cats in our neighbourhoods. Since then we have neutered more than 4,000 cats and have been successful in re-homing more than 1,800. We also care for numerous abandoned and injured cats and kittens.

We do not have a sanctuary or shelter. We operate using a network of fosterers who look after cats and kittens in their own homes. This provides the best possible opportunity for them to become well socialised in a normal domestic environment. We want the cats to find a forever home in the shortest time-frame, and by adopting best practice adoption protocols and early age neuter/spay procedures they can go to these homes directly from the invaluable socialising care a foster home provides.

Galway Cat Rescue is assisted by animal welfare grant funding from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.




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