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Adoption Procedure

Step 1

Please fill out the adoption application form. This will help us match cats to households, allowing for an easy adjustment and a successful adoption. All information is held in strict confidence.

Step 2

A meeting with the cat(s) will be arranged, either in their foster home or in the Petmania Adoption Centre.

Step 3

We ask for an adoption fee of €100, which goes some way to covering the neuter/spay, parasite treatment and initial vaccination of the cat. This has usually already been done prior to adoption, though in the case of younger kittens it is pre-paid and pre-booked at the clinic. By paying an adoption fee you are NOT buying a pet - instead, you are making it possible for us to care for the next cat rescued.

We STRONGLY recommend microchipping your cat.

Step 4

Once you have taken your cat home, they are confined indoors for a minimum of six weeks to allow them acclimatise to their new home.

Feral and semi-tame cats

We sometimes need to relocate semi-tame or feral cats; however, this is not a regular occurance, so if this is the type of home being offered please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.