We have a huge number of kittens and cats in our foster care, for socialisation and paediatric neuter/spay, of which a selection is presented here.

We do not pre-book kittens; but a completed adoption application form is a great first step to having your adoption approved quickly once the kittens are ready to leave our foster care.

  • Seeking a home: Mini
    Mini's fosterer writes: "Mini still loves the great outdoors and will make friends with every cat there is out there, however the minute it starts raining or the wind gets a...
  • Seeking a home: Minnie
    Minnie is a spayed female of 20 weeks. She is a little nervous with unfamiliar people but very sociable once she warms to new situations. She would need home with adults or older...
  • Seeking a home: Harry & Ivan
    Harry and Ivan are four-month-old siblings. These formerly feral kittens had a dreadful start in life through human cruelty, but are now healthy and happy and ready for their...
  • Seeking a home: Charlie
    Charlie is a kitten of 16 weeks, who has been really well socialised by his foster family and is now an outgoing, friendly, handsome little chap. He will be neutered prior to...
  • Seeking a home: Casey & Leo
    Casey and Leo are a pair of neutered male kittens of 5-6 months. Casey relies on the more outgoing Leo for comfort and to be the lead cat. They would be best suited to an adult-...
  • Seeking a home: Unnamed Black Kitten
    A black 12-week-old female kitten, as yet unnamed but extremely friendly and outgoing. She has been spayed and is ready for adoption.
  • Seeking a home: Neko & Forrest
    Neko and Forrest are lively male kittens of 20 and 16 weeks respectively.
  • Seeking a home: Beanz
    Beanz is a female calico kitten, just 16 weeks old. She will be spayed shortly. She is a hand-reared kitten with a lovable, cuddly personality, and would suit an indoor-only home...
  • Seeking a home: Bonnie
    Bonnie is a white beauty, and is 16 weeks old.
  • Seeking a home: Teidí
    Teidí came to GCR care suffering from seizures. He was treated for this condition at the vets and this is continuing in his foster home. He has also been neutered. This guy is...
  • Seeking a home: Tammy
    Tammy is a spayed adult cat aged 1-2 years. She is deaf but can hear high pitched sounds. She is a real house cat who loves attention; she would best suit an indoor-only situation...
  • Seeking a home: Unnamed Tabby Kitten
    An as-yet-unnamed female tabby kitten, 14 weeks old, spayed and post-op for tail surgery. She is very friendly with striking markings.
  • Seeking a home: Amira & Otis
    Amira and Otis are spayed/neutered 5-month-old foster friends. They are kid proof, easy-going friendly and kittens who will make a positive addition to any home.
  • Seeking a home: Nala & Sonic
    Nala (female) and Sonic (male) are friendly foster buddies of around 14-16 weeks. They are best suited to homes with other pets. Both will be spayed and neutered prior to homing.
  • Seeking a home: Simba & Lucky
    Simba is a male kitten of 7-8 months, really chatty and loves adventures. Lucky is a 6-month-old male kitten. He is lucky by name and nature, having been rescued by Galway Cat...
  • Seeking a home: Jackie & Ruadhraí
    Jackie is a spayed female of one and a half years old. She likes life on her terms, but is affectionate and likes other cats, especially males. Ruadhraí (black) is a special...

Galway Cat Rescue

Galway Cat Rescue is an all-volunteer group of animal lovers. We are committed to helping homeless cats in Galway and dedicated to give every cat a chance to live a safe, healthy and happy life. We established Galway Cat Rescue in August 2010, because we were frustrated that not enough was being done to help feral cats in our neighbourhoods. Since then we have neutered more than 800 cats and have been successful in re-homing more than 500. We also care for numerous abandoned and injured cats and kittens.