Tilly & Coco

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22 November 2015

UPDATE - Tilly & Coco have been adopted.

Tilly (tabby) is a love bug - she loves cuddles and will happily sit purring on your lap for hours. She gives great headbuts and kisses and has the softest fur to snuggle into. Tilly is a little fighter - she had a rough start with a broken pelvis which required cage rest and then her eyes took a turn for the worse, but through care and attention she has pulled through all of this to be a lively, bright-eyed kitten, full of the joys of life and the hunt - especially hunting fluffly jingle balls! Tilly would thrive under the care of an indoor home with lots of attention. She is very sociable and loves playing with her little foster sister Coco.

Coco (black) is a petite little panther! She is a little shy, but loves to be snuggled on a lap when it's quiet. She is a very lively little kitten - always on the chase or the hunt with her gorgeous long legs! A true 'Slinky Malinki' - to quote Lynley Dodd - "Slinkie Malinki is blacker than black, a stalking, lurking adventurous cat. She has bright yellow eyes and a warbling wail and a kink at the end of her very long tail!" Full of love and purrs, when she's ready for a nap Coco's adventurous and playful nature is infectious. She loves her kitten milk for breakfast and will wind her way between your legs till she gets it! Coco  had to fight for her start in life having had a very bad dose of cat flu, but she is now completely healthy and purrfectly wonderful in every way! She will love the opportunity to have outdoor access to stretch her legs when she is done having her nap on a cozy surface. Coco is sociable and loves playing with her foster sister Tilly and the two resident great-aunts Lola and Cleo who have patiently taught her proper kitty manners and etiquette - for example how to pose perfectly in a windowsill!