Portia & Pattie

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20 November 2015

These two sisters were found in a cardboard box. They are about 14 weeks old, very friendly and playful and really close, so they need a home together.

Portia (black) is the leader and she has the most outgoing personality of the two. She loves people, playing and a good cuddle. She can play with almost anything!

Pattie (tabby) is shyer than her sister and she really benefits from her company. She is a chatterbox and is always "talking". She loves food, playing, and a cuddle, though she is a little less confident than her sister. Both girls like to chase ribbons, the feather toy and ping-pong balls.

They would do well in a family home. Pattie and Portia are house trained, vet checked and spayed, and treated for fleas and for worms.

UPDATE: Portia & Pattie have been adopted.