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11 May 2014

Mini's fosterer writes:

"Mini still loves the great outdoors and will make friends with every cat there is out there, however the minute it starts raining or the wind gets a little stronger she wants to come inside. Mini loves to hunt mice and does not mind cows and sheep, so a farm would be the perfect home for her.

"Once she is inside she makes a great pet. She loves to sit beside me on the couch in the evening when I watch a movie and in general likes to be close to me, however it is still all on her terms and only if she is really comfortable she can be petted, which she really enjoys. Playtime is still the highlight of the day for her and she does not mind if a child or an adult is playing with her, for as long as someone makes something move the game is on.

"She is a very gentle cat and needs a home where people are gentle with her. Mini does not mind strangers in the house and will pretend they are not there and continue doing whatever she was doing, however she is not the kind of cat you can just walk over to: she needs time and then will come to you. She knows who likes cats and who doesn't, so if someone has no interest in her she won't have any interest in them, even if they pretend they do. With her in the house I always know who is an animal lover and who isn't!"

UPDATE: Mini has been adopted.