Milly & Molly

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12 May 2014

Millie and Molly came into my life on the evening of the day (7 December 2011) when I lost my beloved Meg, when she went into Ark Vets in St. Mary's Road for some tests on her lungs and didn't pull out of the procedure. I was very shocked by her loss, as was Seamus who was looking after her. She had been with me for 15 of her almost 16 years. Bottom line was that she had lung cancer. She had been a stray found wandering in Fr Griffin Road and had been handed into Ark a couple of days after Seamus had come down to put my first cat Pushkin (Puddy) to sleep having been diagnosed with a brain tumour in November 1996.

On my way home after the loss of Meg I stopped at a friend's house, and whilst there received a text from Seamus to say that Laura Molloy had just brought in two kittens who were about 12 weeks old for their first injections and they were ready for re-homing - together. They had been found when about three weeks old, together with five other kittens and one mother, in a wet, falling-apart cardboard box on the side of the road at Rosmuc. I was in deep shock at Meg's loss and just didn’t want to know about kittens but told him I would think about it. He gave me Laura's telephone number, and I called her a few days later and arranged to go and meet them... they moved in on 17 December 2011 and took over my life!!

They are now 2 years and 8 months old. Millie is the cool one - nothing is done in a hurry. She is the one who curls up alongside me at night. She is of a sturdier build than Molly and doesn’t expend useless energy! Molly is a real poser and everything she does is done at top speed. She is an inveterate licker and wriggler, and can put anyone doing yoga to shame!! Both are real characters and have so much love to give.

I look at them now and think back to that time of such huge uncertainty about homing them so soon after the loss of my dear Megan, and have never regretted that decision – they are an absolute delight and enrich each day!

Sandy Lawson