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20 November 2015

UPDATE - Joey has been adopted.

Joey is a beautiful male tabby kitten, about 7 months old. He likes to chase the feather toy and to play soccer with ping-pong balls, but he is a nonetheless quiet and shy kitten. He was probably born a feral and socialized to a certain point, but he has not lived in a house until recently, so he can be quite shy and afraid of new people.

He does love a good cuddle and likes especially to be rubbed under his chin and on the belly. Joey likes his comforts and he would be best suited to a home with adults and older children, as too much fuss would stress him. He is good with other cats, but only if they have mellow personalities. A very dominant cat would scare Joey and he would be hiding most of the time!

Joey is house trained, vet checked, neutered, treated for fleas and for worms.