Fionn & Fleur

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22 November 2015

Fionn is a chilled-out cat who with patience and time will become a wonderful companion. He does love being petted and fussed once he feels safe and comfortable and has a bolt hole to escape to. He is coming out of his shell and will chase Fleur up and down the stairs. He will still go and hide when too many people are around or loud noises are happening, but he is getting there. His foster family is working on socialising him a little more although I think he may always be a little shy.

Fleur is a small little bundle of energy. She too is shy on meeting you and may hiss, but once she feels comfortable she loves to play with toys! She loves a bit of company but again as Fionn, is a little nervous. She is great fun and really coming out of her shell.

UPDATE: Fleur has been adopted; Fionn has gone to foster with a view to adoption.