Betty & Troy

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10 February 2015

Betty is a really sociable, affectionate kitten who loves nothing more than basking in the centre of attention, preferably 24/7! She loves being around her human the whole time and enjoys "helping" with chores around the house. She loves nothing more than curling up in a warm lap for a snooze after playtime. Her favourite hobby is stealing fridge magnets to play with - she is obsessed with them no matter how many toys she has! She is a real purr machine and is best suited to a home where she will get lots of attention and adoration.

Troy is also a very affectionate kitten. He is a huge fan of head butts! He is much more nervous than Betty so will need a home that's not too chaotic. He is really playful, though, and while he is shy, once you have gained his trust, he will happily cuddle up to you and seek out your affection. He gets scared when people are standing up so it's best to sit and allow him to approach you and then, wow, he's suddenly a different kitten! He takes his lead from Betty and can't resist coming over to investigate when he hears her purring; so they must be homed together.

UPDATE: Betty & Troy were adopted in May 2015.