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5 March 2016

Benji's fosterer writes:

"Benji is still the soul of the house. He has come a long way and now loves to cuddle all the time. If I feel like I want to pet him he will just let me, while before he choose if he wanted to or not. Due to his long hair, which gets knotted very easy, he is now an indoor cat only. Should I ever give in on a really nice day and let him out, I regret it the minute he comes back in as the whole field seems to be attached to him. Brushing him is very easy for as long as he is petted and talked to at the same time and needs to be done at least once a week to avoid knots.

"He is very friendly with other cats as well as children and adults. He does not really likes playing any more with toys, unless you move them really slowly and let him catch them at the first go. He is a very proud cat and does not like to embarress himself.

"Benji still loves to sleep as much as ever and welcomes everyone who wants to lie down beside him. A new home with another cat would be perfect for him as he loves the company. He never sleeps alone as he will always sleep next to me when I am there or another cat if I am not or doing something else in the house. He is a very quiet cat and would love a quiet house I think."