Cats Seeking Homes


Ella the disco queen will be in treatment for 6 more weeks, and then will be spayed and allowed to recover before adoption. This female of only 6-8 weeks is just an all-round good-fun gal, and...

Julie's Tabbies

Jenny, Jessie and Julian are the three kittens of Julie's litter, and are soon to be neutered/spayed. They are very well socialised and seek a loving forever home as a pair with each other or with...


Teidí came to GCR care suffering from seizures. He was treated for this condition at the vets and this is continuing in his foster home. He has also been neutered. This guy is a cool, all-action,...

Jimmy Hendrix

Jimmy Hendrix is a neutered male kitten of around 9 months old. He loves the company of other cats (male especially) and is a gentle soul. A household with adults would suit best.

Whiskers & Tasha

Whiskers and Tasha are spayed foster sisters, 5-6 months of age. Both are very well socialised and enjoy each other’s company and that of a human companion. They have been living as indoor-only...


Luna a female kitten of 14-16 weeks who is recovering from a food injury at time of rescue. She is a sweet soul who would make a fabulous companion kitty. She will be spayed pre-adoption.


Kobey is a wee small fellow of 10 weeks old who will be seeking a future home with a loving family and other pets to snuggle with. Kobey is a purr monster supreme.

Topsy & Tim

Topsy and Tim are a brother/sister duo, around 16 weeks old. They are very playful and love nothing more than to snuggle up together. They will be homed as a pair once spayed/neutered.

Leia & Misty

Leia & Misty are two spayed, black & white females of 16-18 weeks in foster together. They are fully health-checked, socialised and ready for their forever home. They are seeking that home...


Jasmine is a semi-longhaired kitten of around 13 or 14 weeks. She is a super-fun, all-action kitty who has boundless energy. She enjoys the company of other cats but would also be comfortable as a...


Lexie is a fabulous spayed female of 3 years old. She is currently being treated for a skin condition, but thereafter (6-8 weeks) will seek an indoor home as a companion pet. She is of a gentle...


Julie is a placid, loving mother to a trio of tabbies. She has the most gentle of natures and is not worried by other cats or dogs. Her foster family cannot sing her praises enough. Ideally to be...


Alfie is a male tabby kitten of 10-12 weeks old. He is a lively attention-seeker who will be soon neutered and thereafter seeks a loving home with lots of people to play with and snuggle.


Tiana is a stunning female tabby kitten of approximately 12 weeks. She is in foster with another kitten, Jasmine, and loves to enjoy playtime and fun at any time or in any place. She is very well...


Spencer, a ginger rescue kitten of 8 weeks, will go to foster with Bagheera. They will be socialised and neutered prior to adoption in around 8 weeks' time.

Harry & Ivan

Harry and Ivan are eight-month-old siblings. These formerly feral kittens had a dreadful start in life through human cruelty, but are now healthy and happy and ready for their forever home. They are...


Dahlia is a female kitten of 8-10 weeks. She is playful and litter-trained, and is wsed to other cats. She will be available for homing after being spayed at 14-16 weeks.

Gus & Pepper

Gus (black & white male kitten of 6-8 weeks) and Pepper (black female kitten of 6-8 weeks) are in foster together and truly enjoy each other’s company. They will continue to be socialised and...


Annie is a recent rescue, a female about 12 weeks old. She will need socialisation and fostering before homing, but will be a future candidate for adoption to the right home.

Rascal & Sooty

Rascal and Sooty are teeny kittens of just 6 weeks, only just weaned. This male/female duo are already firm friends. They have some dinstance to go in foster before they are adoptable, but will be...


Bruce (Wayne) is a 14-week-old neutered male who is sociable and likes playtime. Bruce seeks a cat-loving home with experienced cat owners and older children.

Maddy & Joey

Sister and brother duo Maddy (long hair black female) and Joey (short hair black male) of 1 year seek a loving forever home as a pair. They are vaccinated, parasite treated & spayed/neutered....