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Dumped Sligo Kittens
 barna_dumped_kittens_july_2011 olivias 

These little kittens were dumped into a skip in Sligo in July 2011. When the skip got emptied in Galway they were found by a lovely man. At that stage they were only one day old. Eyes not  opened. Umbilical cord still attached. The people from Barna Waste brought them to the Ark vet. Olivia took them home and bottle fed them for almost 6 weeks. Birdie, Maxine and Snowy have grown up now to beautiful and healthy cats and enjoy every day of their life. Ruby unfortunately died last autumn.


Milly and Molly

 milmol4milmol milmol1 
 milmol2 millymol

Milly and Molly were dumped together with their mom and 5 more kittens in a cardboard box on the roadside in Rosmuc. They were only 3 weeks old. Now they live in a wonderful home with Sandy and enjoy a great life together with their equine friend Pampita.


The Story of Leo and Garfield

loveable_leoLeo was rescued fro a very rough situation outside Galway.
 He spent four months hiding behind a couch in his foster home, but one day he started to venture out from behind the couch. Now Leo has become an affectionate cat, who actively seeks attention from the human members of his family

His brother Garfield is devoted to him and paces the floor if
Leo doesn't return from his outside adventures by the evening. Garfield had a broken pelvis, which had mended badly, and a huge open wound from an abscess when he was rescued, and like Leo, he was skin and bones and badly matted. He is now a healthy and happy cat and very affectionate.


Pumpkin and her 5 babies

Pumpkin came in our care last spring. She was a stray cat in Oranmore and heavily pregnant when she came into our care. Pumpkin had five beautiful kittens for whom she was the best mom ever.
All kittens are now living in loving homes and Pumpkin was rehomed with one of her daughters.


pumpkin7 pumpkin7 pumpkin5

Jenny and Milly



Jenny and Milly came to us as tiny kittens. They were very sick and we were wondering whether they would survive. Jenny became a very lively cat, her sister Milly is the quieter one of the two. Both live together now with a lovely family.

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