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How you can make a difference

  • Start at home. First and foremost, make sure your own pet cats are spayed and neutered. The feral cat cycle originally began with pet cats.
  • If you see or feed feral cats in your neighborhood please make sure they get spayed/neutered.
  • Spread the word. Talk to people about the feral problem. Many people don't know that they can be humanely trapped and neutered and after that will live a better life.

  • Get involved as volunteer.
  • Adopt from a rescue group. Don't buy pets from a breeder while so many homeless animals are waiting for their forever home.

Hands on help

Help is always needed and much appreciated for trapping. We have around 25 cat traps available. We will of course show you how to operate a cat trap and how to deal with the trapped cats. We also need people for transporting cats to vets for neutering, back to their colony or to their new homes. We also need handy people who could built feral cat winter shelters for us.


Although we get special charity rates at our vets (many thanks to Barna/Moycullen vet, Glenina, Ballybrit and the Ark as well as the Athenry pet clinic and Karl Verbruggen in Oughterard) our bills are huge. Maybe you want to help at our next bag packing or coffee morning or you want to organize a whole fundraising event.


We will gladly accept donations of cat food, bedding, cat toys, food bowls, litter trays, cat litter, etc. Contact us by phone at
085 2196010 or by email 

We receive no government funding and rely entirely on the genorousity of the public.

Our main source of expense is veterinary fees. Our vets in Galway accept donations directly on our behalf to reduce our veterinary bill. If you wish to donate to our vets, please do so to:

Ark Vets, Knocknacarra, 091 510131
Ark Vets, St. Mary's Road, 091 584185

Barna and Moycullen vet clinics
091 867008 and 091 868572

Athenry Pet Clinic, Prospect House, 091 844085

Briarhill Veterinary Clinic, Briarhill Business Park,
091 38 00 00.

You can also donate here:


Since we don't have a shelter, we urgently need people who are willing to look after the cats in their own homes. Fosterers are vital for us. We can only take a cat in if a foster home is available for the cat until a forever home is found. Since we get so many calls every day, we could always do with more fosterers.

Often feral kittens are very shy. Before we can rehome them, they need to be socialized. Information about socializing feral kittens will be provided.

If you have time but are worried about the extra costs for cat food and litter, we will be able to support you. Any costs for veterinary care are covered by us anyway.

One new foster home can make the world of difference.

Feral Colony Management

As a caretaker of a feral cat colony, your job is to bring food and water to the colony. You will also monitor the colony for new or sick cats. Food will be provided. After a while the cats will get used to you and greet you when you come. This is a very rewarding job.

Adopt a cat

Have you ever come home and been greeted by your cat walking in and out of your legs and rubbing up against you, happy to see that you are
home? How about when you are at home after a long, stressful day and your cat snuggles up with you, curled up on your lap? Having a cat as part of your family is a lovely experience, especially for children. Check our rehoming section for lovely cats and kittens.

Please sign this petition to stop animal cruelty in Ireland

Petition to change Irish animal welfare legislation

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